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Darbster Foundation Projects

Transporting Kitties to New England – Since 2015, Darbster Foundation partnered with local animal rescue groups and shelters in South Florida to save the lives of more than 4700 cats and kittens.  We send these rescued animals up to New England to be adopted out by our rescue partners and our own facility, Darbster Kitty. Our mission is to place kittens and cats in great, forever homes in New England where the pet population is managed effectively. The kittens and cats that are rescued and transported primarily come from South Florida where homelessness and euthanasia rates are very high. Darbster Foundation is now sending between 35-40 cats and kittens weekly to forever homes in New England.

Transporting Doggies to New England – Since 2017, Darbster Foundation has partnered with local South Florida shelters and our valued rescue partners up north to save and transport 285 dogs. “Square Heads” (Bully Breeds) make up more than half of the dogs that are transported. Profiles that include photos, videos, and descriptions individual dogs are created and shared with our northern rescue partners. With this valuable information in-hand, our rescue partners are able to confidently choose dogs for their adopters. With the opening of our own adoption facility, Darbster Doggy in 2018 and the purchase of a 30-dog capacity trailer in 2019, we hope to double the number of dogs saved and transported this year.

Cats-Kittens Spays and Neuters – Did you know that a single pair of cats and their kittens can produce thousands and thousands of offspring in just seven years? It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 free roaming cats in Palm Beach County alone. To help control the cat and kitten population in our Florida location, Darbster Foundation has funded more than 3,000 spay and neuter surgeries since 2009.

Adopt: Looking to adopt? Take a peak at www.darbsterkitty.com & www.darbsterdog.com for our adoptable animals!