If you are an approved adopter, you have the ability to put a deposit of $150 down to hold a dog coming into NH. The $150 fee goes towards the full adoption fee but is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once the dog is cleared to go home, you have 24 hours to pick them up and pay the remaining adoption fee.

All animals that enter our facility must quarantine for 48 hours and visit our vet before they can go home. Once the dog is declared healthy by our vet, they are able to go home. The adopter may pay normal boarding costs for up to an additional 2 days.

If the dog does not clear vetting:

  1. NH Residents– If you are a NH resident and have no other dogs in the home, you may elect to Foster-to-Adopt (FTA)*. If you choose to FTA then 50% of the adoption fee is due and the adopter has 24 hours to pick up the pet. If the NH Resident decides not to FTA, the $150 is refunded and the hold is lifted, making the dog available to all interested parties.
  2. Non-NH Residents Releasing the Hold – the pet is no longer kept on hold and the hold fee is returned. This is our preferred option.
  3. Non-NH Residents Keeping the Hold – If you live out of state and would like to keep the dog on hold, you will be responsible for boarding costs ($30/night – reduced from $40) incurred until the dog is cleared by our vet. We do not suggest this route as there is no guarantee for when a dog will be medically cleared, and you could incur weeks of boarding costs.

*Fostering is only available for dogs with medical or behavioral conditions.  Fostering is not available for fully healthy dogs.


 Once you meet a dog you can put a deposit of $150 to hold a dog.   This $150 is ABSOLUTLY NON-REFUNDABLE.  If other members of your family including your dog come in and do not like the dog you have put on hold – the deposit is still NON-REFUNDABLE. 

HOLDS can only be made for 48 hours or the time it takes to process your application plus 24 hours whichever is less.  If your application is denied, the fee of $150 will be refunded.

We will hold a dog for more than 48 hours at our normal boarding fees of $40/day payable in advance.

Why?  Once a dog is put on hold it misses out on any future meet and greets and thus is missing out on other opportunities to enter a home. It costs us money to hold pups   since we must continue to care for them.  Our goal is to get pups to approved home as soon as possible.